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Kind of you to say...

Doug's knowledge of special education law coupled with his calming presence resulted in the most respectful and productive IEP meeting I have ever attended.  After several years of a contemptuous relationship, I felt like I was finally an equal member of the IEP team.  My son was provided the necessary services coupled with the appropriate accommodations and modifications which enabled him to succeed in the classroom.  Hiring Doug was the reason my son was finally able to have confidence academically, as well as, emotionally and for that I am forever grateful to Doug.
Doug listened to our concerns, developed appropriate goals and accommodations, attended our CST meeting, and got our son’s needs addressed.  His approach was simple, direct, and irrefutable.  He knows the school system inside and out, and used that knowledge to get the job done right.  Years later those accommodations are still ensuring my son’s success as he steadily closes the achievement gap. 
After years of struggling through the IEP process to help accommodate for my son’s handicap - not getting what he needed, and feeling frustrated in our efforts we finally reached out to Doug Dresher for help.  Having worked in the education system for many years Doug brought a wealth of information to us that aided in developing an IEP that worked!  His knowledge of: the system, the laws and our rights made a significant impact.  His professionalism and ability to effectively advocate and negotiate helped immensely.  He provided us the tools and knowledge we needed to fight for our son.  The system is a complex web with underlying drivers for schools and state.  Prior to engaging Doug we were not aware and taking for granted what we were being told.  With the right knowledge, tools and advocacy we were able to get the accommodations our son needed to succeed.  He is now a graduating senior with straight A’s.