Special Education Advocate New Jersey
Helping Your Child Reach His or Her Potential

About SpclEdAdNJ

What can an advocate do?



  • Review IEP documents – Including all assessments;

  • Help you craft letters – Correspondence with the Child Study Team;

  • Attend IEP meetings – You have the right to bring anyone you want to an IEP meeting;

  • Draft and submit Mediation / Due Process documents – Mediation and Due Process both require the submission of well-written documents succinctly stating why you feel the IEP is inadequate for your child;

  • Attend all Mediation meetings;

  • For Due Process Hearings, you can represent yourself although you should consider hiring an attorney; An Advocate cannot represent you, but may be able to provide consultation services

  • Help you find other appropriate special education experts;

Most importantly we can help guide you – So you know that you have advocated to get the best services your child truly needs and the law allows.


I will listen to your concerns and help you work with your school in a partnership.  I can be with you every step of the process.  I believe that only through open communication and mutual understanding will the school be able to address your child’s educational needs.

Call 973-980-2190 so I can talk about  how I can help you and your child or E-mail meat doug@specialedadvocatenj.com